Entry #1

Why not make one now indeed?

2009-06-21 00:19:00 by PartiBoy

Well, this is my first post, it might be my last but lets see where this leads us. Since my first ever submission, I've been through a number of life changes. I'm not exactly ready to keep milking the "haha you're emo" train anymore, and as such I'm working on a game.

It's fairly simple platforming, but I've been meaning to work on something a little more professional since starting university and now I've graduated, well lets just say the times right. More news on the game as it comes to whoever out there is reading. But have an image to tide you over.


Why not make one now indeed?


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2009-06-21 00:25:11

who the fuck cares.

PartiBoy responds:

Obviously you...

Thanks for taking the time to read and post your impressive thoughts on my Blog entry. Enjoy yourself.